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Recovery Manager

, Backup lost files (images, data, RAW), and format Flash Media repeating recover.


",, Backup lost files (images, repeating to recover data, RAW), and format flash media."
indir.biz Editor: Recovery Manager, a revolutionary recovery software. These paintings, such as files, pictures, etc., and photographers, news agencies, Journalists, Security Specialists, Physicians, companies or a digital camera or a camera, notebook, palmtop, PDA, cell phone, digital recorder to use for individuals is useful back valuable content, Portable Medical Equipment, Data Logger etc.
Recovery Manager can back up,,, and format cards to system or battery failure, format or deletion or corruption have been lost due to hardware causes many types of Flash Media duplicate files or software failure recovery.
Recovery Manager can backup, reproduce, back files & format Cards system or battery failure, format or deletion or corruption due to hardware or software failures have been lost due to many types of Flash Media.
Recovery Manager software, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, MultiMediaCard (MMC), Secure Digital memory card (SD), IBM Microdrive, ATA PC card, hard drives, ZIP & Jazz drives, digital film cards as you can recover data from
Recovery Manager for everyone: To use Recovery Manager (For novices and experts) designed and easy data recovery can help a few simple clicks.
Interfaces: Supports removable devices connected to the IDE, PCMCIA, USB, FireWire (1394), SCSI or any interface that Windows Parallel mac / / Linux can support.
Recoverable File formats: JPG / JPEG, TIFF / TIF, WAV, MOV, MPEG / MPG, AVI, BMP, CUR, GIF, ICO, ZIP, PNG, PDF, RTF, DOC, SND, WMV, AIF, ASX, MID, MP3 and more ..
Version 1.5 supports new RAW file formats, additional documents and images File Recovery, recovery includes support for advanced media and small bug fixes. Recovery Manager 1.5 can now download free.

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